family values pharisee


WI Repub lives out­side dis­trict with mis­tress, says wife | The Raw Story.

Can’t you imag­ine him rend­ing his gar­ments as he prays in pub­lic? Lis­ten closely to his mum­bled prayer. He invokes the Almighty!

“Let them prac­tice fam­ily val­ues, O Lord. Let them sac­ri­fice for the good of oth­ers, O Lord. I’ve got mine, and I’m humbly thank­ful for it. Oh, and even if I get recalled, please let me keep my twenty-five-year-old love mon­key. Amen.“


6 thoughts on “family values pharisee

  1. Jeannie Davis

    I believe the days of pre­tend­ing are just about over, and folks are start­ing to step out of the shad­ows and reveal them­selves for who they are. Good and bad.

  2. bd

    Thanks, Agnes. I gather from your last post that a trip is in your future. I hope that you take a mobile device so that you can keep post­ing on your pages.

  3. Susan

    I’ve been think­ing about this man for sev­eral days now. What does he think about at 3am? How can he pos­si­bly think what he has done is right and will not be ques­tioned by the vot­ers in his dis­trict, fam­ily and friends (assum­ing he has any). And there seem to be so many more peo­ple like him these days.


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