a lucid dream
a limpid sea with islands
strung like onions on a string  … read more

cisco’s farm
what I recall of Cisco’s farm are its skies of fran­gi­ble blue
and morning’s pale traces  … read more

See that fool, the hairy one in tat­tered clothes,
the lunatic who looks as if his brain’s on fire?  … read more

culpepper’s coal train
does the last of Culpepper’s coal train still shim­mer some­where,
and by the tracks, do grack­les do their three-toed pirates’s dance?  … read more

death is come up
in spite of bear paw rat­tles and gar­lic neck­laces
death came up and took our good king bobo  … read more

div­ing into sym­bols
who drove Lilith to the arms
of unsleep­ing jeal­ousy?  … read more

for susan
to the future you go in the arms of dear com­pan­ions
whose wishes for you warm like the balm of Gilead  … read more

a life in grace begins when you accept your part
as under­study, prac­tic­ing your lines all night  … read more

out­side, death bobs among the plan­tains,
his faint foot­falls still­ing the chirps of bugs  … read more

in time’s world
each moment is a thin slice of tomor­row
pried from the future’s reluc­tant grasp,  … read more

meta­phys­i­cal blues
When I woke up this morn­ing, I heard voices in my head.
Yes, when I woke there were talk­ing voices in my head. … read more

my big belly knows
my big belly knows what my fine belly wants—
lan­guid, bloated hours in fast-food haunts  … read more

my guru is old hat
as sun­light scat­ters the magpie’s shade from his mul­berry tree
my guru’s tomb wraps itself in decades of hurt­ful neglect  … read more

morn­ing exer­cise
wil­lows weep as the old man
flaunts his skills to the meadow  … read more

the pirates come to call
stinky with cusses, and reek­ing of gin,
tan­gles of beads and bones in their beards  … read more

Daily through Gaza and Ashke­ton,
his broad feet flat­tened Asdod … read more

spar­ta­cus and the boar
was fast me
to fight he  … read more

the mem­ory the­ater
while the Rain Pie drums the Sycamore tree,
dark­ness rises up to scum­ble twilight’s tints  … read more

the parade
man at win­dow
A cit­i­zen stands at a win­dow ambigu­ous in the light  … read more

I look across the park­ing lot and what do I see?
Smoked glass win­dows with reflec­tions of me  … read more

to the mys­tics
I envy those few called to be mys­tics,
whether snatched like clothes off a line  … read more

where is time?
where does time go
asks the willow’s whis­pered rus­tle  … read more

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