cisco’s farm

for Eugenia

What I recall of Cisco’s Farm are skys of fran­gi­ble blue,
and morning’s pale traces of rab­bit paws dis­turb­ing the dew

we saw dreams in our tea leaves and clouds brim full of charm
those end­less days with Cisco and that rare bird on his farm

we gam­boled in the fields all day, black dog at our side
and couldn’t ride my one-wheeled bike no mat­ter how we tried

stars were late in com­ing out—they hid behind the moon
so I served you fancy pud­ding which you jig­gled on your spoon

we cooled our feet in Cisco’s pond, and then you said to me:
“let’s bor­row Cisco’s magic wand and set this brave bird free”

oh, let’s row again on Cisco’s pond, and doff our hats in glee
we’ll hunt for Cisco’s magic wand and set that song bird free

Marty will beat his up-turned pots and make a dread­ful sound
friends and neigh­bors will give a shout and begin to gather ’round

we’ll open up our hearts to all and give our rea­sons why
we had to let the caged bird out and stay to watch her fly

she sailed right over Cisco’s pond—we all were glad to see
we’d actu­ally bor­rowed Cisco’s wand and set the bright bird free

When I remem­ber Cisco’s Farm, and when I remem­ber you,
I think of all that’s come and gone and what remains of true

I think less of tomor­rows and more of my days gone by
I rem­i­nisce, I steal a kiss, I drink the bot­tle dry

do you remem­ber Cisco’s Farm with its tiny inland sea?
we bor­rowed Cisco’s magic wand and set each other free


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