culpepper’s coal train


unti­tled © bd


does the last of Culpepper’s coal train still shim­mer some­where,
and by the tracks, do grack­les do their three-toed pirate’s dance?

are jack­daw girls in black and white still putting quilts on ponies
in a field nearby, and has this image bur­nished itself glo­ri­ous sepia?

in the long moment, a shadow lags behind its screen door’s
slam­ming shut, late even for its own clam­orous closing

in the long moment, girls, cheeks blown bright, dream
them­selves in the arms of knightly Perce­vals, but are they real?

time’s bailiff knits together these fresh threads of nar­ra­tive,
spun from the frothy wake a moment leaves behind itself

a flash of his nee­dles and his meddler’s yarn forms an image of
hollow-eyed gamines watch­ing the spill of boys into a game room

    this falling into time means the past is ris­ing fast towards you—
    you are headed for a place where a moment can really rest

2 thoughts on “culpepper’s coal train

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