a life in grace

a life in grace © bd


a life in grace begins when you accept your part
as under­study and prac­tice your lines all night

just wait till you hear ris­ing tones in your heart
sweet sounds, but lost on those who might

have missed the turn for the nar­row way
because the voice call­ing them was their own

grace can be spelled in tide-washed gray
glyphs etched by time on bleached bone

or appear as your dop­pel­gänger on sun­lit stairs
one of the two of you apol­o­giz­ing to the other

both rejoic­ing to see your­selves blan­d­ish­ing airs
of a woman wait­ing in a gar­den for her older brother

     dilly-dally while you take his/your mea­sure
     grace with­draws both her offer and her treasure


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