metaphysical blues

When I woke up this morn­ing, I heard voices in my head.
Yes, when I woke this morn­ing, there was talk­ing in my head.
I had this creepy feel­ing I was lis­ten­ing to the dead.

There was Augus­tine from Hippo in his right­eous leather shoes.
Yes, my good friend August had on skimpy leather shoes.
He was begin­ing to make my head hurt with his meta­physic blues.

Says my swarthy friend from Hippo with his eyes of Berber blue.
Says the lit­tle man from Hippo with his flash­ing baby blues:
“Please look at my ‘Con­fes­sions’ for all your meta­physic views.”

Oh, and then I heard from Kierkegaard, but he wasn’t very plain.
Poor old Kierk was speak­ing gib­ber­ish, and he wasn’t very plain.
I said, “Kierk you got to stop now ’cause I really feel your pain.”

Lord, when you wake up in mis­ery with the meta­physic blues.
Yes, some morning’s are made ugly by the meta­phys­i­cal blues.
It takes some will and effort just to tie the laces of your shoes.

Well, on bal­ance I’m a sane man, and most times I feel alright.
Yes, as a nor­mal course of action, I try to always choose the right.
But when I wake and hear from dead men, it makes a lie out of the night.

2 thoughts on “metaphysical blues

  1. Ruben

    Yes, i like wkuk con­stantly shi­wnog whats wrong with the stars and stripes– coun­try but i feel they could do so much more! To go one more step and really provoke!I really like the sketches, the con­tent makes me a sat­is­fied cos­tumer . I laugh and it make a good dis­trac­tion and that is all But i feel they could do more. They have the arena for it! If this guy trevor mode could just pause his self glo­ri­fi­ca­tion thing that he has going on and instead try to really make a dif­fer­ence. He could do it.I guess that is not their goal but still. I think they reach enough peo­ple to be able to really make a difer­ence I am so drunk that I make a coment on a strange web­page =) Sorry (Sorry for my spelling but i am swedish and this is my sec­ond lan­guages yes, i know this is hard for amer­i­cans to imag­ine but there actu­ally are more lan­guages than english =))


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