my big belly knows


yum, yum


my big belly knows what my fine belly wants—
lan­guid, bloated hours in fast-food haunts
the bratwurst trem­bles when it sees my fork
shout­ing, “ please, dear God, spare the pork!”

i rub my lovely belly, and scratch my hun­gry head;
i mum­ble to my plate that my belly must be fed
i reach for some gumbo and more red-eyed ham
i help myself to ‘tat­ters and fresh-boiled lamb

my belly knows well what my big belly needs—
strong tast­ing pump­kin with toasted bar­ley seeds
the fen­nel starts to shriek, the hog’s jowl cries
i make a bloody mess with ketchup and fries

i scratch my big, tight belly as I linger in my bed
sugar plums still danc­ing in my sleep-filled head
i mum­ble to my loved ones that I need to eat
they make me some­thing fast and make it sweet

my large belly knows what my fine belly wants—
strong-starving friends in noisy resto’ rants
the lima beans are howl­ing as they hit my plate
my chop is act­ing skit­tish, say­ing, “Please, please, wait!”

i scram­ble after bacon; I slither after pie
the thought of slaw and frit­ters makes my belly cry
oh, my fine belly knows what my fine belly sees—
but­ter fat on corn­bread and good-old black-eyed peas


6 thoughts on “my big belly knows

  1. Grace Holland

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