eyeless in gaza

eye­less in gaza © bd


Ask for this great deliv­erer now, and find him
Eye­less in Gaza at the Mill with slaves …

Daily through Gaza and Ashke­ton,
his broad feet flat­tened Asdod
then Gath, until the chaff that had been Ekron
joined the miasma of wheat-dust and sand
swirling around his spent man’s beard

his sight­less visions, pal­pa­ble and bit­ter,
tasted like the ashes of his mis­spent youth

foul vapors came from the invis­i­ble sun

dark­ness fol­lowed dark­ness as day,
and then fol­lowed itself into darkness

his vision became the echo of the pos­si­ble,
god speak­ing qui­etly in his unaf­fected ear

2 thoughts on “samson

  1. Susan

    I have done the research I needed to do to under­stand the poem. Now I need to think about it. It is a beau­ti­ful poem. Thank you.


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